Smitsen KS14-D Tape Over Sew System (Sewing and Heat Sealing)

KS14-D is a high speed sewing and heat sealing system for use with paper bag with an inner PE liner bag or a PP bag with inner PE liner bag. Hot melt tape is added after sewing for a tight closure.

KS14-D Tape-Over-Sew Technical Specifications

How Does it work?

The bag mouth cleaning (optional) pulls the bag open with sucking air. A Cilinder comes down and sends a puff of air through the opening of the bag. The cutter then trims the top of the bag, You wil always get a  straight top and a perfect closure.
The sewing machine closes the bag for a strong connection.




The Hot melt adhesive tape is being applied to the top of the bag.
The inner PE bag is being closed with heath selling.

Sewing Heads to Choose from

  • Smitsen DS-7C Standard
  • Smitsen DS-11 Optional. Sewing head with Oil Tank and Double action power feeding rolls.


  • Paper Bag with Inner PE bag and inner PP bags
  • Multi wall paper bag with inner PE liner
  • Multilayer Paper Bag (without liner)


  • Sealing Speed: 7~10 meters per minute
  • Heating Block Power: 0.5 x 8 Kw
  • Sealing Machine Power: 0,55 Kw
  • Bag Mouth Clean Power (optional device): 1,5
  • Total Power:  6.5 Kw
  • Device Size: 3039 mm x 1090mm x 2052 mm
  • Netto Weight: 580 KG.
  • Head of Sewing Machine: DS-7C (standard) DS-11 (optional)
  • Sealing Height: 800~1700 mm (measured distance to the ground)
  • Sealing Temperature: 0~400 degree  celsius
  • Application: 4-layer flat Paperbag, Inner bag with PE film sealing, Outer sealing hot melt adhesive
  • Color: RAL 2018

A1-PB Pedestal

smitsen_a1-pb_pedestalAdjustable Height Single Post Pedestal to fit all types of Industrial Sewing Heads, Power Infeeds and Tape/Sew Systems. The pedestal can be bought as a a metal only or a complete with control box and motor.

The A1-PB Single Column Pedestal is a proven single column pedestal design and can be moved around the production floor. It can facilitate the Smitsen DS-9 series sewing heads amongst others and CP4900 and CM4900-3 power infeeders. There is also space to facilitate control buttons box such as start, stop buttons.

The Smitsen A1-PB pedestal is compatible with different sewing head connections to fix a head to the pole.


SM-8BL15 SW-28BL15 Lockstitch

Inline image 1

large-scale and post-bed type rotating shuttle to conduct thread hooking and slider bar take-up.

single-needle and double-needle types available.
Upper and bottom shaft are supported by bearings and also driven by synchronous cog belts.
It also adopts synchronization feeding mode of the needle bar swing together with presser and feed dog.
The entire machine has the following advantages: smooth and light transmission on comprehensive performance ,low noise, high durability, large operating space and equipped with overloaded on-off device protecting the rotating shuttle to make sure the safety of the sewing objects and rotating shuttle.

It is especially suitable for use use in the automotive industry such as seat cushion, safety belt and air bag restraint system as well as large apparatus like tent and parachute.

Smitsen SW-8BL15 and SW-28BL15 Lockstitch

  • Max.sewing speed: 1200 r.p.m
  • Stitch type: Lock Stitch
  • Stitch length: 12mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 47.3mm
  • Presser foot lift: By hand 20 mm, By knee: 23mm
  • Needle size: DY?3 27#
  • Needle: 1 or 2
  • Rotating hook: Large vertical hook
  • Lubrication: Manual
  • Working space: 508?153mm

Smitsen 81300 Safety Overlock (515 Safety Stitch)

The Smitsen 81300 Sewing Head is a heavy duty, 2 needle, 4 thread overedge safety stitch sewing machine with Upper and Lower feed dogs for ultimate grip.

The machine is supplied with guides for filler cord from the top and from the bottom for sealing the needle punctures made by the needle.

High needle stroke sewing machine for very strong side seams in the production of very heavy weight jute, burlap or woven Polypropylene bags and a Variation of Geo textiles such as water tubes.

An optional pneumatic presser foot lifter is and a heath cutter are optional available.



  • Machine Speed: Max. 1200 rpm. Oiling system: Manual, oiler
  • Feed type: Top and Bottom Feed
  • Stitch length: Variable, 6 – 13 mm.
  • Needle type: Groz Beckert, UY9853GA 430 /172
  • Needle distance: 5 mm
  • Overedge width: 19 mm
  • Overal width: 24 mm
  • Thickness: 17-20 mm (*depending on compression ability of material)


Smitsen CP4900 Power infeeder with optional folder

Untitled-23The Smitsen CP4900 is a versatile power infeeder built into a robust proven desgin which aligns and guides the sewing bag into a variety of sewing heads.
It produces consistant closings and increased production with Greater Operator Safety.

With the optional folder mechanism the Smitsen CP4900 folds the top of the bag before sewing it for a tighter and stronger closure of your PP woven or PP woven laminated bags.

Packing seed, feed and grains can increase their efficiency and profitability and benefit from the greater versatility and flexibility offered by these system enhancements together with the DS-9 series sewing heads.

cp4900_underWhen using the plain sew bag guides, multiwall paperbags (without folding) can be guided and prepared to the sewing head. The infeeder comes standard with Mitshibushi 3-Phase world motor and Tsubaki gear reducer preinstalled on the device.




The Smitsen CP4900 does not only prepare the bag to the sewing machine, it serves as an extra safety feature a manual setup. An operator only has to “give” the bag to the infeeder where the operator can stay away from the sewing head.



  • Different colors available upon request
  • Stainless steel version available upon request



2x Variable Pullets and Tsubaki (Japan) gearbox.


All moving parts are protected by visible safety covers.


A stainless stell version of the CP4900 power infeeder device is available as special order.


  • Motor: IP55 Mitsubishi Japan Super Line 3 phase 1/4 hp
  • Reducer: Tsubaki Japan TM13E30B Gear-reducer
  • Bag Material: PP or PP laminated (Plain sew paper when using the plain sew guides)
  • Sewing Head: Best used with Sewing head such as compatible DS-9 or Empress Sewing heads.
  • Pedestal: is direct compatible with A1-PB pedestal
  • Foldover and Guides: the guides are standard made from Stainless steel
  • 2x Variable pulleys installed on the infeeder




Smitsen DS-5II Pedestal Mounted Sewing Head

smitsen_ds5ii_sewing_head_pedestalWith small heads come small prices. The Smitsen DS-5II is a double chain stitch (401) entry level Pedestal mounted sewing head. It is a flexible yet simple solution for a diversity of jobs. Easy to maintain due to it’s open structure. Ideal for small flexible productions and simple setup installations by foot pedal. The machine head is also easy mounted on a table to make double chain stitch bags or (FIBC) Big Bags. It is the most affordable pedestal mounted machine head within our range of sewing heads.

  • Max. Speed: 800 rpm
  • Seam: Double thread chain stitch
  • Stitch Width: 7-12mm
  • Bag Material: (mutiwall) Paper, Jute, PP
  • Thickness: Jute bag, 8mm
  • Cutter: fixed knife (by hand operation)
  • Needle: DR-H30 #26 (DR?2 #25)
  • Oiling: by hand
  • Oil: Shell Tellus 32 or Equivelant food grade oil
  • Weight: 14.5 kg


smitsen_ds5ii_on_tableThe Smitsen DS5-ii can also be installed on a sewing table for the production of big bag or connecting geo textiles and production of flat bags or other materials that require a double thread chain stitch.


Smitsen NP320, 2 thread portable for Geo textiles and bag closing

The Smitsen NP320 is a 2-thread portable for sewing geo textiles and 2 thread bag closing.

The Smitsen NP320 2 thread plain feed Industrial handheld sewing machine with built-in Thread chain cutter is a well balanced portable hand machine. It is designed for closing bags with 2 thread chain stitch such as Jute, burlap, cotton, linen, paper or plastic. Practically the machine is being used a lot to connect 2 pieces of Geo Textiles to sew and connect land caps and liners. Use the appropriate thread for your project.


  • 2-thread chain stitch sewing machine
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • 7,5 Kilo
  • Low maintenance, robust design
  • Bigger thread stands available
  • Easy access threading

Geomembranes, Geonet, Geotextile, Geosynthetic fabrics (landfill caps and liners) Agrotextile, Jute Bags, PP bags, multiwall Paper Bags, Sewing tarpaulin.


Max. Speed: 1500 rpm.
Seam: Double thread chain stitch (401)
Stitch width: 8 mm
Material: Paper, Jute, PP, Geo Textiles
Transport thickness: 10 mm, Jute
Cutter: Continues thread cutter
Needle size: DNX1 #25
Weight: 7,5 kilo



Special features:

  • Thicker needle sizes
  • Bigger thread stands available to hold king size cones.
  • Original Japanese Design




Smitsen DN2 series High Speed Bag Sewing

The Smitsen DN2-HS series is a high speed table top sewing machine to produce bags, and connect geotextiles. It can be used by hand on a table or it can be integrated in an automated production line. Every DN2-HS has an oil bath. Unique is the availability of the different models like 4 thread sewing and left hand side sewing versions. On all models, an additional upper feed can be added for a better grip on more rugged materials such as jute.


  • Max. Speed: 2800 rpm
  • Seam: 2-thread chain stitch, 4 thread chain stitch
  • Stitch width: 7-12 mm
  • Bag Material : paper, jute, pp (DN-2HS) paper, PP on DN-2W
  • Thickness: Jute, 8 mm, paper bag 4 pl. with a tuck.
  • Cutter: optional NLC cutter box
  • Needles: DR?2 #25 or #26. on 4 thread machines: UY143GS 200 or 230
  • Oiling: Automatic oil supply (Oil Bath)
  • Oil: Shell Tellus #32 or equivelant
  • Weight: 34 KG.

Available models:

  • Smitsen DN-2HS regular right hand side sewing (2 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2LS Left hand sewing (2 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2W regular right hand side sewing (4 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2LW left hand side sewing (4 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2HS-U regular right hand side sewing additional upper feed (2 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2LS-U Left hand sewing additional upper feed (2 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2W-U regular right hand side sewing additional upper feed(4 thread chian stitch)
  • Smitsen DN-2LW-U left hand side sewing additional upper feed(4 thread chian stitch)



Smitsen 2200-2t specific

Smitsen 2200-2t (Double thread, Double feed Portable sewing machine)


Troubleshooting checklist general

SM2200-2t specific:

Adjustments and settings.

Needle-looper distance and needle-guard adjustments can be made from the bottom of the machine after having removed the protection-plate with the holes (1 screw).

When a thin needle is replaced by a thick one (or reverse), the following adjustment has to be made:

Adjustment of the distance beween needle and looper (0,1 mm for a double stitch (2-thread) machine). Needle-looper adjustment is described here specifically, because it is a critical setting.

  • When the machine has been threaded, remove only the wire from the needles eye, otherwise the wire will frustrate the adjustment process.
  • ?Screw C? , as mentioned in the manual, located behind the plastic plug, has to be loosened before the looper-shaft can be moved in order to adjust the needle-looper distance.
  • The shaft can travel a distance of 4-5 mm on the flat surface of the shaft. The screw is accessible in the folowing situation ONLY:
  • When the looper is ABOVE the needle. This is the side where the needle-thread enters the needle-hole.
    The 0,1 mm adjustment however, must be made when the looper is on the other side of the needle. So, reposition the loopershaft/looper by means of the motor-wheel.
  • When the loopershaft is pushed inwards, (towards the shaft-bushing), the looper/needle distance becomes wider. Pulling outwards, away from the bushing, makes the needle-looper distance smaller.
  • The moment of measuring is when the point of the looper is in the centerline of the eye

Wheel-gear synchronisation when a motor has been replaced.

Check the timing of the wheels (gear). The timing is Ok when the lower feeddog has reached his maximum position,
going outwards. At that time the needle eye must be just visible (Is coming out of the needle-plate)

Experienced problems.

  1. Wrong threading of the machine.
  2. Too much margin in the looper shaft between the looper and the bushing.
  3. Bent feed dogs (the upper feed dog bents more often then the lower feed dog. A knocking or ticking sound is heard
  4. A knocking sound can also be heard if the looper hits the needle (wrong looper-adjustment, Looper, needle has to be adjusted)
  5. Wrong synchronization between Needle/Looper and feeddogs. Often the result after a motor-change, causing the 2 gears going out of sync
  6. Testing with paper must result in square holes without torn paper.
  7. Dirt under the needle-plate.
  8. Height of the needle is not correct. (The looper splits the thread instead of picking up the thread completely).
  9. The needle-retainer pushes the needle out of his position (adjustment isseu)
  10. A bent needle.
  11. The needle is not in the center of the needle-hole of the needle-plate. Often the result of a machine that has been dropped (bent arms) The machine is total loss in that case. (Replacing the arms is too costly in parts and time).
  12. Check if the needle-plate is broken. Often the result of pulling the machine through the fabric. (Let the machine do the transport through the fabric!!)

Smitsen DD5-HD XL

The Smitsen DD5-HD XL heavy duty lock stitch sewing machine is designed for seaming heavy weight fabric such as woven polypropylene geo Materials, tent, canvas, upholstery, leather. With it?s unique upper and lower feed dog and large rotary hook to hold more and thicker thread, the free-formed stitching function make this model specially suitable for stitching the seams and handles of an FIBC big bags but also to sew Lifting belts. The longer arm is ideal to fit bigger materials such as big bags, tents, taurpaulins and more.


Technical specifications

  • Seam specification: 301 lockstitch
  • Stitch range: 0-12.7 mm
  • Needle: DDx1 #25
  • Needle bar stroke: 50.8mm
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 12.7mm
  • Presser foot lift by pneumatic: 18mm
  • Rotary hook: KRT132
  • Working Space: 400mm?180mm
  • Lubrication: manual
  • Maximum speed: up to 1400 stitches per minute (depending on stitch length and material)




Download a leaflet from the DD5 HD Click here to download