The Smitsen SP1000B is the entry level single thread portable sewing machine. Based on a Japanese robust low maintenance design the machine is affordable yet has the robustness that we are used to from Japanese designed machines. The machine is available in 110 volt and 220 volt (SP1000A).

The SP1000B is compatible and 100% interchangable parts wit the Newlong NP-7a.

With the Smitsen SP1000B you can sew all sort of bags. You can sew Jute bags, you can sew hessian bags, you can sew hessian bags. You can sew (mullti wall) paper bags. You can sew Polypropyline bags as wel as simular bags.

The Smitsen sp1000B and SP1000A can be used to close a bags for a big variaty of products. In addition it can aso be used in big and small factories to temporarily connect materials

The following items are typical to close with a portable sewing machine like the smitsen SP1000B:

  • Close sugar bags
  • Close potatoes bags
  • Close floor bags
  • Close coffee bags
  • Close chocolate bags
  • Charcoal
  • Carbon Black
  • and much much more

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