The Smitsen 81300 Sewing Head is a heavy duty, 2 needle, 4 thread overedge safety stitch sewing machine with Upper and Lower feed dogs for ultimate grip.

The machine is supplied with guides for filler cord from the top and from the bottom for sealing the needle punctures made by the needle.

High needle stroke sewing machine for very strong side seams in the production of very heavy weight jute, burlap or woven Polypropylene bags and a Variation of Geo textiles such as water tubes.

An optional pneumatic presser foot lifter is and a heath cutter are optional available.



  • Machine Speed: Max. 1200 rpm. Oiling system: Manual, oiler
  • Feed type: Top and Bottom Feed
  • Stitch length: Variable, 6 – 13 mm.
  • Needle type: Groz Beckert, UY9853GA 430 /172
  • Needle distance: 5 mm
  • Overedge width: 19 mm
  • Overal width: 24 mm
  • Thickness: 17-20 mm (*depending on compression ability of material)